There are several types of simulators for the press.Some are intended only to correct a figure in the region of the waist, others are able to maximize load the upper, middle and lower abs.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the trainers in accordance with the effect to be obtained.What are the simulators for the press?
Exercise movie - one of the most sophisticated of its kind.You should not start training on this projectile without preparation, otherwise you may suffer a few days of pain in the muscles.Plus, this simulator is that it allows an additional pump back muscles and triceps.
In any gym can be found for a standard bench press.It can be both horizontal and inclined, and allows a large number of exercises for the press: twist, ups, leg curls, and others. It is preferable, of
course, inclined bench, as it gives a heavy load.
hulahup Well-known trainer and "Grace", which is a metallic flat pancake, efficiency can be put next to each other, since the latter was created as an alternative to the hoop.Do not expect any results from daily workouts hulahupom, although remove layer of fat on the belly he is quite capable.A simulator "Grace" will allow you to finish the job, modifying the obliques with no load on the shoulder girdle.
simulator "Boating" - a universal simulator that allows you to engage in the work of almost all muscles of the body, including the abdominal muscles.It allows very effectively burn calories and harmoniously develop the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms to work the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and hamstrings.
increasing popularity gaining employment with fitball - large rubber gymnastic ball.In this shell, you can perform a lot of different exercises for all muscle groups known.While wishing to establish a relief figure is better to look for a different shell - this is mostly used to relieve emotional and mental and physical stress.He does not give a large load, but tighten your muscles and get in shape it's real.
Exerciser Ab-roler you rarely see in the gym, buy it for training at home.This simulator allows you to concentrate on the rectus abdominis muscle, without affecting the muscles of the neck and shoulders.If you have any problems with the neck and shoulder area, you can opt for on this projectile.Bos simulator used in the gym, trains coordination and sense of balance.In this way, it strengthens the back muscles and the press, improved posture.Tighten the press, and you can with a simple horizontal bar.