you need
  • - program based on the basic exercises;
  • - intensive training;
  • - high protein diet;
  • - the right training regime;
  • - strict regime of the day;
  • - partner to practice in the gym.
Provide nutritious base for their muscles.They can not rise out of nowhere, intense exercising athlete must receive daily about two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.And it should be easily digestible protein: chicken breast, cheese, fish, nuts, boiled eggs.
Perform work aimed directly at the large group of muscles.Do basic exercises: bench press, standing bench, squat and deadlift.These exercises are called basic because they allow you to work out the maximum number of
muscle fibers in a short time.The ideal exercise employs the greatest number of muscle is lifting the bar on the chest plus or push heavy athletics shvung.
Work with free weights.This means that you have to work only with the rod;no counters, blocks and levers.
Let your muscles relax.No workouts daily.Muscles need to recover.This may take 48 hours or more.So, if you work with more weight, even one day of rest between workouts will be insufficient to fully restore muscle fibers.
Train together.Mandatory muscle growth is necessary to work in the hall to exhaustion.Once all the exercises you should not be so weak that even to raise a small dumbbells.That is why it needs a partner who insure and lift the barbell to your chest when you run out of power.
Drink plenty of water.Actively exercising athlete loses large amounts of fluid through sweat.At the same time the body is derived from a variety of different trace elements - sweat knowingly salty.This can lead to disruption of the acid-alkaline balance of the whole body, disruption of joints and of course to a reduction in muscle growth.The rate during intense workouts - 3-4 liters of drinking water per day.
Rest should not only muscles.Rest should the whole body.So eight hours of sleep should be a must for you.Moreover, it is necessary to fall asleep before midnight.No wonder the athletes so seriously punished for violating the sport mode.Night Vigil on the Internet and strong muscles are poorly compatible.