Exercises with external resistance:

* Exercises with heaviness.They use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and stuffed balls.They can perform

and on universal simulators and with the help of a partner.

* The exercises are performed with the help of elastic objects (expander, harnesses, rubber buffers).When muscles overcome elastic resistance, their stren
gth increases.

Such exercises are considered to be almost the most effective for the development of muscle strength.The main thing when executed correctly metered load and then you can develop almost all muscle groups.Maximum efficiency can be achieved by overcoming or inferior mode.
exercises using own weight:

* Gymnastics.This is all kinds of push-ups, lying down, in a vise or on the bars, lifting the legs when hanging on the horizontal bar, climbing on a rope, and others.

* Track and field exercises.Jumping on one leg or two, through the barriers with elevation.

* Exercises to overcome obstacles.

Such exercises are available to all people of different ages and fitness.This allows you to include them in any program of strength.
Isometric exercises:

* Exercises on hold cargo.This passive exercise.

* Exercises with active muscle tension.This exercise is a long hold certain postures with tensed muscles.These include an attempt to tear away from the ground rod in which excessive weight, or attempt to straighten his shoulders by relying on the bar.

It isometric exercises at the same time able to use the maximum amount of muscle at a time.Perform they need to breath, which teaches the body to work in extreme conditions of oxygen starvation, so they are included in the mandatory training program for astronauts, divers, lifeguards.