bikes belong to the group of cardio, giving aerobic exercise for the whole body.Such simulators are not only useful for fast and effective weight loss - they are designed to do the most!Bicycle Simulators are used not only for fat burning.They are perfect for training, improvement of general endurance, recovery of damaged feet.
Aerobic cardio are a group of bracing simulators, train the cardiovascular system, to get rid of excess weight, improve blood oxygen saturation.

But, as in other forms of exercise, you must know and follow the rules, without which the class will lose its effectiveness.Before classes, consult a physician.For example, people with spinal cord injuries allowed to engage only in a horizontal landing velost
ankah equipped back.Also exercise on a bicycle simulator is not suitable for those who has varicose veins, hypertension, certain diseases of the cardiovascular system.

training schedule

Make Me a training schedule and stick to it religiously.Well-planned lessons will help more effectively achieve their goals.Holds the following 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.While those who do not have athletic training, recommended first class do not exceed 15 minutes.After a month of training, you can increase the time of one lesson to 40-45 minutes.

Do not forget the days of rest.When the workout will be intense, engaged, so that between classes were day of rest.You can also afford a week's holiday every 1.5 months.Remember to weigh and record the figures obtained in the study plan.

a plan, try to keep it diverse.One training spend in a constant rhythm and a uniform load.The other - with a small load, but the high-speed rotation of the pedals.The third - a combined 30 seconds pedaling with maximum intensity, 1 minute - smoothly and evenly.

effect of training on a stationary bike shown at any intensity.But fat burning starts when your heart rate is equal to or exceeds 75% of the maximum value.The maximum heart rate can be calculated by subtracting from 220 the total number of completed years.


Lose weight training on a stationary bike can be of any design.However, the most convenient models equipped with a computer.An electronic display shows: heart rate, calories burned, speed and distance traveled.Before class, make sure to adjust the seat and the handle by itself.Sit up straight, do not slouch.The pedals rotate the forefoot.

Classes begin with warm-up.To do this, simply pedal at a mild pace.Many workout supplement side bends, sit-ups, push-ups, exercises for right hand while working on the simulator.Many are engaged on a stationary bike to rhythmic music: musical rhythm and pace improves mood and helps to pedal with the right intensity.
Do not overload your body.Follow the beat and well-being.Once you feel unwell, reduce the load, but not dramatically!Gently lower the cadence and relax.

and train yourself to count calories you eat throughout the day.If you eat more calories than you burn during training, neither of which weight loss can not be considered.For proper and effective weight loss is necessary to calorie consumption during a training session was 600-800 kcal higher than the consumption of food.