Sports Complex for the house - which is better to buy exercise equipment

If the apartment is small, it is better to focus on one - two simulators and a set of dumbbells.The correct sports equipment will quickly get in shape.

Many intending to engage in activities at home, get an exercise bike.But he is not efficient enough.Cycling vigorously works only the lower body.In addition, it is small enough calories burned.That is to lose weight, have to pedal for hours.

much more effective in weight loss simulator simulates skiing.They work the shoulders, press, buttocks and legs.Load more and it is distributed evenly throughout the body.About the same effect gives a treadmill.But it is quite difficult to use for people with high blood pressure is too high body weight, as well as those with impaired motor coordination. training given to the effect, they must be regular - two or three times a week.

Besides cardio to increase muscle mass you need to buy a dumbbell.Women are better to choose light weight - two to three kilograms.Otherwise, the muscles will grow too fast, making it look like a silhouette of a male.Representatives of the stronger sex should focus on their own feelings.If this is the first lesson, before exercise was not necessary to take a dumbbell with a small weight.And then gradually move on to more.

addition of dumbbells for home you can buy a rubber mat.It will help non-slip feet during fitness and aerobics.There will also be a useful special bench.It is convenient to train with dumbbells, download the press, push-ups.

Children's sports complexes - where to start

Today's children are moving sufficiently small, and the parents are concerned about increasing their physical activity.Children's Services may be purchased when the child turns four to five years.At this age, he has already intelligent enough to be interested in sports activities. choosing a sports complex for the child, do not forget about security.Buy a mat that you place on the floor.Then the baby, even if the fall is not struck.

For a start is better to buy the simplest complex - with ladder and rings.Climbing up and down, the child will train the muscles of the arms and legs, improve the coordination of movements.The first time to help your child, show him some exercises that you can do at home.Kneaded together with the child to raise his love of the sport's own example.