Stand facing a wall, place the right hand on the surface, left rewound his waist.With an exhalation bend the right arm at the elbow and touch the wall of the chest.On the inhale straighten your arm.Do 30-40 pushups and such change hands places.
Lie on your stomach, hands put under the shoulders, elbows point the ceiling, socks feet rest against the floor.On the inhale completely rise above the floor, forming all over the bar.Hold the position for 1 minute.Then exhale, bend your elbows and drag chest to the floor.On the inhale, return to the "bar."Do 10-15 pushups.
Pick up the dumbbells and perform all the following exercises with them.Stand up straight, pull your hands in front of him.Do jiggle up and down for 1 minute.Arms to the side and repeat the springy motion.
Bend your elbows and tighten them to the ribs.Exhale make left hand shot out, like in boxing.On the inhale, return the arm to its original position.With the next exhalation make the release of his right hand.Repeat 10-15 times with each hand.
Lower the dumbbells with arms along the body.On the inhale, lift them by hand up, exhale, lower down again.Make 20 lifts.
Bend your elbows, place the dumbbell around his shoulders.On the inhale straighten your arms and lift the dumbbells up.With an exhalation bend your elbows and return the dumbbells to your shoulders.Repeat the exercise 20 times.
Bend your elbows and push them to the sides, a dumbbell is located near the shoulder.On the inhale straighten your arms and lower the dumbbells to the hips.With an exhalation again bend your arms.Repeat the exercise 20-25 times.
Take one dumbbell, squeeze it in your hands, bend your elbows and slide the dumbbell behind your head.On the inhale straighten your arms and lift the dumbbells over head.With an exhalation bend your elbows and lower the dumbbell to the back.Make exercise 20-25 times.