you need
  • gymnastic mat
  • Expander
  • GYM bench or stable chair.
Sit on the floor.Hook tape expander for foot in his outstretched hands holding the handle at chest level.Straining muscles the body slowly turn to the side.Legs and buttocks must remain motionless.The more straight arms and legs, the harder it is to perform this exercise.
Lie on your back, pull your hands at your sides.Bend your knees and lift them so that the eggs become parallel to the floor.Slowly tilt legs to the side.Immediately return to the original position, and then lower the leg to the other side.
Lie on your side.Kee
p your feet together.Uprites forearm to the floor.It should be located directly below the shoulder.Strain muscle abdominal and back muscles and lift your pelvis off the floor.The body should be perfectly straight line.Hold for 15-30 seconds.Then repeat for the other side.
Lie on your back, bend your knees.Right hand pull at right angles to the body, left to push the temple.Tilt your knees to the right, thus turning on its side.Tense muscles press and lift your upper body off the floor.Try to get the left elbow left knee.Return to starting position.Repeat for the other side.
Sit on the edge of the training bench.Bend your legs at a right angle and lift them.Pull the left knee to the right shoulder.Legs do not divorce.Repeat to turn the other way.In order to make this exercise most difficult, do not lean your hands on the seat.Keep your arms bent at chest divorced.
Sit on the floor.Lift legs crossed at the ankles of 10 - 15 cm. Interlock arms and pull in front of you at chest level.Reject body back about 45 degrees.Hold this position and balance of power, turn the body to the side.Keep your back straight.