Biceps - one of the most important and easiest muscles to train.For pumping biceps you fit neck, a dumbbell or a horizontal bar.
on the bar exercise is best done in the morning.Before approaches should make a run, about 10 -15 minutes.
To properly inflate your hands on the bar should be:
- seize upon the shell "female" or a reverse grip.
- pull up the maximum number of times in the four approaches.
for exercises with dumbbells require little weight.You start with 5 kg.Gradually, the load should be increased.
to workout with dumbbells:
- Sit on a bench or stool.
- Take a dumbbell in your hand.
- Put the elbow on the inside of the thigh.
- hand bend and return to the starting position.
This type of exercise is carried out 15 times in 4 s
Everything is much easier if there is a gym.In addition to the neck, where there are all kinds of simulators, especially for inflating the arm muscles.
to exercise with the stamp should be:
- Sit on a chair or lean against a wall with his back.
- pick up and start neck flexion motion at the elbow.
- repeat 10 times four approaches.
Inflate press - the most simple, which does not require additional simulators and shells.
The most common way - is to download press on the floor or an inclined bench.
need to learn this:
- Lie on the floor, bend your knees.
- keep hands behind the head, or a cross on his chest.
- bent at the waist, elbows to get to his knees.
approach should do - four, the maximum number of times.
similar exercises performed on an incline bench.One difference - increasing the amplitude, and thus the load.If there is an incline bench, you can use weighting.It needs to keep his hands behind his head.
Press can be pumped to the wall bars, or bars.In both cases, the meaning is that the legs of the home position is necessary to tighten the abdomen, or raise horizontally.