Designate clear goals you want to achieve in practice.From this will largely depend on the right choice simulator.Maybe you want to lose weight, improve cardiovascular endurance, or simply to maintain health.You may need it all together.Do you want to build muscle?
Think about where you'll put the treadmill at home.If you buy a treadmill or exercise bike, look at where you are socket.It is important to be a small distance between the sports equipment and the wall.So you can easily pass.If you do not need to train the heart muscle, and you just want to disappoint, then you will be quite normal horizontal bench with racks.On them you can put a post and only deal with it.
Get training complex, which consists of many departme
nts.It is necessary for a comprehensive study of the entire body.Many of these sports equipment consists of a rod block in different directions, a device for pumping the legs, etc.But note that such a simulator rather cumbersome, and it requires a lot of space.Often - half of the living room.
calculate the budget for the purchase of the projectile.Cheapest Home Gyms are from 10-12 thousand. Rub.Moreover, they can be simple bikes or bench for bench press.Training systems can cost from 20 000 to 150 000 and more!Think of how much you're actually able to invest in their health.
Consult with users of such simulators.Go to special forums where people share their impressions after the acquisition of a simulator.This will help you quickly determine the choice of the brand of the manufacturer and model.
Visit specialty shops, where there is a good selection of trainers.Talk to counselors sellers.Once you have decided on the exact direction of their training and a budget buy, come to a special shop.No need to buy such expensive things, anywhere!Check that you have been given a guarantee of a minimum of 6 months or even 1 year.