huge bright beach ball made of solid rubber material in recent years has become one of the most popular trainers in gyms and at home.This is not surprising: a simple design, ease of use and low cost make it possible to deal with fitball even to those who can not attend a gym or buy a sports simulator home.
feetball main feature - it significantly increases the load on the muscles in any, even the most simple exercise of the fact that we have to hold the position.The result is a deeper and more thorough study of muscles are utilized tiny portions of the muscles that usually take a minimum participation in the training.
In addition, training on fitball improve flexibility, agility, coordination, train
the vestibular apparatus, are taught to maintain a balance.Exercises on fitball allowed to avoid strength training, but at the same time improve the efficiency of activities.Also gym ball for variation, making them more interesting.
Before you start doing a fitball, you need to choose the appropriate size of the ball.There are several dimensions: diameter from 42 to 75 centimeters.No specific rules on the choice feetball does not exist, everything depends on the convenience and personal preference.Children easier to perform exercises on a small ball, big men often choose the biggest size, but you can deal with any fitball, if you can not choose.And if you have - just try different options, estimate how much you are comfortable in different balls.
fitball helps make abdominal exercises more effective.With him the usual twist that easily get bored after a few weeks of training, it becomes more interesting.To fulfill them, you need to lie back on the ball, so to lean on him around the waist area.Arrange the legs shoulder width apart, take a stable position and start to do twisting - lift your head and shoulders up, pausing at the top and then go down as low as possible.This exercise on fitball not only shakes, but stretches the muscles, allowing you to acquire a more pronounced and beautiful terrain.
great exercise to quadriceps - squats on one leg on fitball.Stand with your back to the ball at a distance of one step, one leg pull back and put on a fitball, squat with your back straight up to the thigh parallel to the floor, then change legs.The load on the buttocks will provide exercise, in which the body lying on the floor and your feet placed on fitball: it is necessary to lift the buttocks up and lower them, all the while keeping your pelvis on the weight and trying not to let the ball slipped out.Fitball helps to strengthen the back muscles: Lie on his stomach, put his feet on the floor, lift your upper body, stretching to attention, and lower.