you need
  • gym machine, dumbbells, barbell
basic exercises for pumping shoulder sector and back muscles is a pulldown exercise tobreast sitting.The purpose of this exercise - to make wider and thicker than the latissimus dorsi and the delta ( shoulders ).When you exercise, focus on the work of these muscles.If you include the work of the biceps, you will not get the desired effect from training.Hold the neck straight arms, bend them is not necessary.Use your hands as hooks that will work in a forearm muscles and lats.Elbows need to pull back and down as long as the neck touches the chest.Try to fix this situation, mini
mize the lats, then slowly return to starting position.Please do 10-15 reps for heating, using light weight.Then make 3 "heavy" approach, gradually increasing the weight.
following exercises that will help you most effectively pump shoulders and back is lifting dumbbells in hand to lean forward.In a standing position, slightly apart and bend your legs at the knees.The body leaning forward, back prognuv .Dumbbells in your hands, slightly bent at the elbows.Inhale and pull the dumbbells to the sides.At the end of the reverse movement - make vydoh.Dannoe exercise involves mainly deltoids (especially their back).Reducing the blades at the end of the exercise, as you engage the lower and middle part of the trapezius muscles.Alternatively, the same exercise can be done lying down on an incline bench and resting against her breast.
Another effective exercise for inflating the shoulders and back muscles is the vertical thrust.Take a standing position, legs spread shoulder width apart.The back should be straight and the neck should be placed at the bottom of the bar, at the hips, grabbing the top.Inhale and pull the barbell up along the body, raising his elbows on the maximum height, as long as the neck touches the chin.Then slowly return to starting position, slowly straighten arms.At the end - exhale.In carrying out this exercise, try not to make any sudden dvizheniy.Uprazhnenie "vertical traction" develops mainly the upper part of the trapezius and deltoid muscles of the back muscles, shoulder muscles and the muscles of the shoulders before minutes.Just under it concerns sacro-lumbar muscles and buttocks.Keep in mind that the wider the grip, the more will be involved deltoids and trapezius - less.