Mikalko Michael says that if you behave like a reasonable person - you will certainly become to them.Therefore, if you behave like a man with beautiful strong legs, you observe all the rituals and lifestyle attributes this "prekrasnonogogo", soon will notice dramatic changes in your appearance and samochuvstvie.Silnye legs - a consequence of active, mobile lifestyle, individualsloads.Man ignores the active lifts, delighting your body more stress and climbing 5-8 foot floor.Active representative of the tribe of people with strong legs will not fail to take advantage of every opportunity to
stretch the legs .That is, at the bus stop (and it is better to work), he goes on foot, hold at the weekend with a beer and TV, and the country on skis or a backpack.In the worst case - in the park on a bicycle.
man in good physical shape, of course, if it is not occupied in heavy physical labor, be sure to exercise.Sports for him - a pleasure he does not wish to sacrifice.If you can not buy a subscription to a fitness club, you can effectively deal with at home.Lunges, squats, jogging in place, "scissors", "plie" - this exercise that make legs beautiful and strong.The main condition - the need to engage in at least 20 minutes a day 1.5-2 hours after a meal.After training, you can not eat for an hour and a half.
If plump legs - exercise and an active lifestyle may not be enough.It will also have to deal with their eating habits, namely to exclude from the diet of "empty calories" - sweet, cakes, etc.These are the simple rituals of a man with a beautiful and strong legs.Follow them religiously, and your weak leg certainly will find an athletic look.