you need
  • - beam;
  • - block simulator;
  • - towel.
At first, replace pull-ups on the bar top rods on the block simulator.This will begin the exercise with less weight and gradually increase the load.
Sit on a bench block simulator.Grasp the neck straight grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width.Pull the bar to the chest.Pause briefly and return to starting position.Perform 5-8 approaches.Gradually increase the number of repetitions to 10 to 20 in one go.
When the weight lifted to block the simulator, will be larger than your own, go to the pull-ups on the bar.To enable work on different muscles, perform pull-ups wit
h different grip: positive, negative, neutral, broad, narrow.
Having mastered various kinds of grips, add the program to pull negative weighting.This kind of pull requires you to only perform the downward movement, but in slow motion.To take the starting position and start moving down, you can use the bench.On lowering should take no less than 6 seconds.
Include the parallel pull.Hang on a bar holding it as if for the flag pole.Palms together, one arm straight grip, the second - the reverse.Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
It's time to increase the load and train the hands separately.Teach pull with.To do this, hold the crossbar with one hand reverse grip, the other hand at a great distance - right grip.Pull-up on the first hand, and the second to help yourself.My hands.Do 4 sets of 5 pull-ups for each hand.
Continue to catch up with.But now grasp the helping hand is not behind the bar, and behind the bar horizontal bar.Make repeat
4 to 5 repetitions for each arm.
To further increase the burden on each hand, try to catch up with a towel.
basic hand held bar for reverse grip.Helping Hand holds the ends of the towel thrown over the crossbar.Its role in tightening minimal.Perform 6 sets of 4 Repeat for each hand.
Now every your hand alone to cope with the weight that previously had to both.Not only can you catch twice, you can catch even on one hand.