Note that almost any exerciser elliptic type allows you to get a versatile load.When working on such a device will involve arms, back, legs, abdominals.This diversity allows the load to strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as lose weight.Minimum load on the spine and joints makes the elliptical trainer useful for older people.
choosing a trainer, check the length of his stride.For example, during the growth of 165-170 cm optimal stride length can be considered as 40-50 cm and more.This step makes it possible without too much overload expose the greatest number of muscle training.E
xperts agree that a large stride length increases the efficiency of the elliptical exerciser.Trainers with a small step size is cheaper, but is only suitable for people with relatively low growth.
Consider when choosing the weight of those planning to use the machine.Best of all, if the weight of the athlete will be 8-10 kg less than those specified in the operating instructions.This is important to the elliptical trainer is not working at maximum capacity and serve you as long as possible.
clarify whether the system load from the simulator.If it is magnetic, the parameters are changed manually.Electromagnetic load makes it possible to change the characteristics of the simulator by pressing the buttons on the control panel.Unlike magnet system for an electromagnetic almost no matter the weight of the flywheel, for smooth running is ensured by the influence of the induction coil on special magnets.Because of this elliptical trainer with electromagnetic load take up less space.
before the final selection, try to consult with those who are engaged in different varieties of elliptical trainers.Feel free to try out the treadmill in the gym or in the store.Get familiar with its design and operating principle.Find out what functionality you liked model, a set of programs can realize a simulator.The more diverse the information you get, the easier you will decide to buy.