you need
  • - dumbbells;
  • - bar with EZ-stamped;
  • - block simulator;
  • - Scott bench;
  • - stable vertical support.
Pick up the dumbbells, stand with your feet slightly bend your knees.Palms expand over and bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle.Leave your left hand on the ground and lower right.Return to starting position.Repeat for the left hand.This is one repetition.Do 8-12 repetitions.
Lift the dumbbells over your head and bend your elbows so that turned out to be a dumbbell behind your head.Straighten your right arm, then return to starting position.Repeat for the left hand.This is one repetition.Perform 8-12 repetitions.
Stand with your feet shoul
der width apart.Pick up the dumbbells, palms facing the body.Bend the right arm at the elbow, until the dumbbell touches the shoulder.Lower the arm with a dumbbell, while the angle of the elbow is not equal to 90 degrees and hold for two seconds.Then return to the starting position.Repeat for the other arm.Do 8-12 repetitions for each arm.
Face the simulator the block at a distance of 1-2 steps.Pick up a rope handle.Elbows press to the body and slightly tilt your body forward.Put your hands down, the lowest point of a brush dissolve.Then slowly return your hands to the starting position.When the angle of the elbow is equal to 90 degrees, pause for two seconds, then continue driving.Make 8 - 12 repetitions.
Take a barbell with EZ-stamped on the reverse grip width apart.Sit on the bench Scott, the top reference plane must be located under your armpits.Raises the bar to your elbows bent to a right angle.Fix the position for two seconds and slowly return your hands to the starting position.Perform three sets of 8-10 repetitions.
sure to follow for stretching biceps and triceps.This will achieve the maximum success in the work force over the sostavlyayuschey.Zavedite bent at the elbow as far as possible behind your head.With your other hand, press gently on her arm and try to lower it even further.Stand in the doorway back at arm's length.Hold the jamb arm expand so that the thumb downward.Now carefully turn the biceps up, keeping the body stationary.