you need
  • ski waxes or paraffins, for grinding cork, paper
To ensure good glide skiing, there are different types of ointments and paraffins.Lubrication ensure quicker and safer driving, and moreover, protects the surface equipment from damage.
recommended to use protective coatings and ski storage room, when we do not use them.Removing skiing with the beginning of the summer season, it is recommended to clean them from dirt and carefully lubricated.
Masi not only provide a better glide ski.They guarantee a high technique of walking on skis.Increased manageability sliding decreases the risk of injury.
Skiing provided for jogging, should be prepared in order to enhance the slip.If you intend to move the classic style, you should take care of the
additional coating, providing content skis, no slip them back while pushing off.
Difficulty in preparing skiing depends on which category you belong: to fans, experts and athletes.Amateur usually gets the pleasure of exploring the winter woods once or twice a month.Skier expert devotes more time to the sport and goes to the ski runs, two to three times a week.
true athlete standing on skis several times a week and is aimed at obtaining high results.For an athlete training equipment and proper care of the skis are determinants of success.
To prepare skis for improving slip, you will need suitable lubricant.Turn ski sliding surface up.Apply a thin layer of grease it.Rub the ointment recommended the special plate of foam.Movement should be directed along the surface skiing , from the nose to the rear.
If you are going to make a very long walk on skis, you should apply two or three thin layers of grease, rubbing them consistently.Perform the same operation with the second ski.
expert skier knows that the potential of the classical and freestyle skiing movement.Using the classical style requires special surface preparation skiing for content.There can not do without the appropriate ointments, eliminating "out."
To prevent the "return" should first determine the area on the sliding surface, called a "block."Put skiing on a level floor and stand on them.Your assistant should push under skiing piece of paper and carry it back and forth.The gap between places "locking" of the sheet in front and behind will be the very same reference platform.This area should be treated only salve for the content.
recommended to stick to the line, limiting "block", tape or masking tape.This will make lubrication more comfortable.In a limited space thus applied an ointment, corresponding to a higher temperature.Thoroughly rub the ointment.It is advisable to consistently apply two or three thin coats rather than one thick.Remove the tape, you no longer need.
If grease is applied in a room, then before going to ski must be cooled skis in the air, without placing them on the sliding surface of the snow.Otherwise there is a risk of snow build-up on the greased surface.