you need
  • gymnastic bench;
  • boards;
  • Rod;
  • dumbbells;
  • crossbar;
  • block simulator.
first couple, the first exercise - bench press barbell lying.
Lie on a horizontal bench.Grasp the bar, hands slightly wider than shoulder width.Legs bent and stand on the floor, shoulder blades reduced.Slightly rotten in the thoracic spine and remove the bar from the racks.Lower the bar to the lower part of the chest, immediately returns to its original position.Make three sets: the first set - 15 reps, the second set - 10 repetitions and the third set - 8 repetitions.Each time increase the weight.
first pair, the second exercise - tightening.
hang on the crossbar, right hand grip slightly wider than shoulder width.Cross your ankles and slightly arch your chest.Tighten, reducing shovels.Lift the chin over the bar.Return to starting position and repeat.Do three sets, each with the maximum number of repetitions.
second pair, the first exercise - bench press on an incline bench with dumbbells.
Lie on a bench, lift the dumbbells over the chest th.Bend your arms and lower the dumbbells to the sides of the torso.Return to starting position.Make three sets: the first set - 15 reps, the second set - 10 repetitions and the third set - 8 repetitions.Each time increase the weight of the dumbbell.In the last set after eight repetitions immediately grab the dumbbell with a lighter weight and do the exercise, until enough forces.
second pair, the second exercise - draft dumbbells in the slope of one hand.
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.Take a dumbbell in your right hand and tilt the body forward.To reduce the vane on the right side and pull the dumbbell to the waist.Return to starting position and repeat.Do one set of 15 repetitions, and two sets of 10 repetitions.Try to increase the weight in each set.After the end of the latter approach, take lighter dumbbells and keep the approach is strong enough.
third pair, the first exercise - dips.
Arrange on bars, straighten your arms, body slightly tilted forward.Cross your legs at the ankles.Bend arms and lower yourself to the shoulder joints were just below the elbow.Make two sets, each - the maximum repetitions.
third pair, the second exercise - push-ups with a thrust.Take
to "lay stress", stand on his hands dumbbell.Bend your arms, lower body and tap chest th floor.Return to starting position and immediately pull the dumbbell to the right waist.Bring the dumbbell on the floor, press again to make the left dumbbell thrust.This is one repetition.Make two sets of 10 repetitions.
fourth pair of the first exercise - extension on the block because of the head and down.
Hold both hands on the handle of the rope.Stand with your back to the unit.Put one foot in front.Tilt your body forward so that shoulders are parallel to the floor, elbows bent, grip the handle of the head.Without changing the position of the body, straighten your elbows, then return to starting position.Do 15 repetitions and turn to face the unit.Grasp the handle and lean forward slightly.Arms bent at the elbows, elbows close to the body.Perform 10 extension.This is one set.Do three sets.
fourth pair, the second exercise - lifting dumbbells for biceps.
Stand up straight, slightly bend your knees.Dumbbells take in the arms, hands, palms forward deployed.Bend your arms, without moving from the place of the elbows and raise the dumbbells to your shoulders.Return to starting position.Do three sets of 10 repetitions.