In today's market there are a lot of hulahupov, they differ in weight, the number of elements, the presence of massage nozzles and weight.It is important not to buy the most expensive or the most vivid, the efficiency does not depend on this, and the intensity of the workouts.If the hoop is not correctly selected, the classes will be very unpleasant, and therefore the results should not wait, because you quickly stop torturing yourself.
diameter hulahupa matters.It must be greater than 1 meter.Put it on the floor and make sure that the upper part was higher than your waist.If the ring is less, it does not give the desired result.
If you've never twisted hoop or have not engaged in sports, it is better to
buy a metal hoop.It is not expensive, weighing up to 1 kg.It is easy to learn to use the simulator, and then the sides do not hurt, there is no strong swelling and bruising.If, within 3 weeks you will use it for 30 minutes, his stomach will disappear.
For those who know how to use the device, suitable plastic models.You can choose an ordinary, thornless.It is lightweight, thereby twist it harder than metal, it always strives to fall.Or you can select a folding option, as it will have more weight.But the advantage of this hulahupa that it takes up little space and can be folded and put away, it is easy to transport.There are options when every single part can be filled, thereby increasing the weight.It is necessary to increase the load.There are special fillers, but is suitable even ordinary sand.In the first few months of training is not required, but in the long term can be more effective hoop.
Hulahup with massaging elements considered to be very effective.In the process of rotation in the fatty tissue affect specific projections, they create the effect of massage, and it makes it easier to make a thin waist.But after these things appear very severe bruises.Re-training seems to be very painful.Option for very motivated people who do not throw started midway.
Hulahup with calorie counter for those who follow the diet.It incorporates a sensor that works on batteries.It records the number of revolutions of the simulator and provides the amount of energy expended.Very handy for those moments when you treat yourself to a sweet and want to keep it deposited in your stomach.But be aware that in order to afford a slice of cake, twist hoop have at least 40 minutes at a brisk pace.