you need
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - dumbbells.
Exercise number one: stand in the doorway, hands uprites in school.It is necessary to push as if you are trying to move the wall.Perform this exercise for a minute, then gently bend, increase the pressure on the chest and stand as a minute.Note to muscle received strong load, push hard.
following exercise will not only help increase the pectoral muscles , but also show the state in which they are located.In order to maintain the tone of push-ups must be 15-20 times for one approach.However, this provision is not designed for beginners.They exceed the norm (about 8-12 times) should not be.Over time, increase the number of push-ups, but th
e approach reduces the number, try each time to put power to the maximum.
Equally effective is the bench press.Run it at home is much more difficult than in the gym, but still possible.You have to lie on the floor, pick up a dumbbell and put them in the chest .Now you must stretch the chest and raise the dumbbells straight up.Lower and raise them again.In one approach the average number of times is 8-10.Can you do less, but with more weight, and vice versa, to lift less weight more times.Three approaches will be enough.
push-ups on the parallel bars: Take them to the place where their width is slightly larger than shoulder width.Hands straighten and bend your legs, body slightly tilted forward.Down go down, throwing elbows to the side.Pauses do not immediately return to its original position.
At the end of the training will need stretching.It relaxes the muscles , soothe the body.You can perform the first exercise (but do not push, do not strain, but just as it hung on his hands).In addition, you can take the weight, give up and stand up a little bit in that position.