effect of these exercises regularly will not take long - catch up hips and abdomen, the figure will be voiced and slim!
Exercise first.Legs spread shoulder-width apart, arms extended forward.Squat, keep your heels fixed on the floor.Back straight, waist slightly caved.The exercise is performed 15-25 times for one approach.There are several approaches you can do, just do not bother myself.
Exercise the second.Legs straight, hands placed along the body or pulling forward.Lunges back on one knee.Please do lunges for one leg 10-20 times, and then the other.
Exercise third.We rely on the elbows and one knee and thigh lift the other leg to the level of the buttocks of 15-25 times.
Exercise fourth.Lie on your back.The legs bend at the knees, cross our arms or chest or up against them on the floor.Raise your pelvis at the same time squeeze the buttocks, lower back does not bend.Perform each exercise 15-25 times.It is an effective exercise because it works your abdominal muscles intensely.
Exercise fifth.Lie on your back, legs lift up, bend your knees to a right angle.Slowly breed hip to the side, and is also slowly reduce them.Exercise to do 15-25 times.Great exercise for the study of not only the internal muscle hips, and abdominals.And also for those who want to strengthen the spine.
All exercises can be performed in a number of approaches, everything depends on your physical training and the availability of free time, and you can find it if you want to have tightened side and beautiful buttocks.
universal secret to owner plump, his heavy thighs and weak upper torso - a tense and relax your buttocks and abdominal muscles throughout the day - sitting in front of the television, working with papers at his desk, that is, everywhere.Beautiful figure it's not hard!