denser skates pressed to his leg, the easier it is to manage them.If you wish to purchase or to rent shoes, never take them to one or two sizes larger, select your size.Also, due to the bigger skates you can wipe the blood of his legs.If it's cold or not you plan to ride on a private rink, the woolen socks, too, is not necessary.
tighten the shoelaces as much as possible.Do not be afraid to tighten too much, be
cause the rental skates are usually of poor quality and badly worn-.It would be better if he felt discomfort, you pereshnuruete shoes than fall due to a poorly tightened skates.
So you get up on the ice (preferably next to the handrail or near).To begin with the main rule that should always remember - a little bend your knees.If the legs are straight, the fall can not be avoided.
Never repels via the teeth, the easiest way to forget about them.But what about the move?In theory, a push must be done with the internal edges of the free leg, but it's unlikely that you ever going to say.Try to push yourself to do, eventually you will succeed.
skate blade edges are called edges.On a properly sharpened skates they are separated by a groove.The first step is made on the outer edge of the ridge.But you it can not happen, so after you've bent your knees slightly tilt the skates to one another.
then dilute with a little wear skates, so they do not move in parallel, and at a low angle.Arms to the side, begin to move.Remember that in the process of riding is necessary to transfer weight from one foot to the other.
to slow down, you can make free foot a little bit forward and try to do it, or the heel edge of the skate.The teeth are not provided for braking.
If you fall, do not try to get up, pushing his hands behind.Please kneel.
Just a few hours spent on skating , you'll be much better to ride and be surprised his success.Do not try to catch up with those who skillfully riding on skates .Move at your own pace and after a while you will be able to teach beginners.