Treadmills are divided into mechanical and electrical, but consist both are of the same elements: a rotary tape and handrails.When using the mechanical path is not consumed electric energy and its weight is much smaller due to the absence of the electric motor.The disadvantage of the "mechanics" that the web must be pushed by the force of their own feet.In addition, the control panel mechanical path supports only simple functions: measuring heart rate, training time, distance traveled and number of calories burned.
Electric treadmill is driven by the operation of the electric motor and make no effort to propel the belt is required.The control panel with the help of electrical enables the use of special programs or create your own.The main component of the electric treadmill is the motor.
When choosing a train
er in the first place pay attention to its power.Power 1.5 hpIt would be enough, if your weight does not exceed 80 kg.Although the more powerful engine, the track safer.
length and width of the belt, select based on the data of all members of the family, who will use the machine.Optimum fabric is 40 centimeters wide and 120-130 centimeters long.
should know that the size of the canvas dimensions depend on the simulator.It is important for those who live in small apartments.The cloth should be soft and multi-layered, it will provide favorable conditions for employment and increase its longevity.
optimum speed of the web is considered to be equal to the speed of 10 km / h, and a little higher.
When choosing a trainer should pay attention to how the angle of inclination.The more advanced models, this feature is not carried out manually and automatically.