Zdeno Chara Zdeno

born March 18, 1977 in the city of Trencin, Czechoslovakia.In favor of the hockey club "Boston Bruins" and is its captain.Playing in the club from 1 July 1996 year.It has line defender.He repeated participant of the NHL All-Star Game.In 2009 he received the prize "James Norris Memorial Trophy", which is awarded to the best defender of the season in the NHL.In 2011, together with other members of the club won the "Stanley Cup".

In addition, the owner of the Hara strong cast in the NHL.His record is 175 km / h.March 25, 2012 the thousandth match played hockey in the national league.Together with the Slovakian team won the silver medal at the World Championships 2000 and 2012.Hara speaks language
s ‚Äč‚Äčlike Slovak, Russian, Czech, English, German, Swedish and Polish.

Vasily Koshechkin

Basil was born March 27, 1983 in Tolyatti.He is a graduate of the hockey club "Lada".His professional career began in 2002.He played for the hockey club "Ak Bars" and "Severstal".On May 1, 2013 playing for Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist".The contract was signed for 4 years.Koshechkin - goalkeeper.

Basil took part in five world championships and won all kinds of medals of the championship.He is in 2006 and 2008, together with his club won the "Continental Cup".And in 2014, together with other hockey players, "Metallurg" won "the Gagarin Cup."It has such awards and titles as the Honoured Master, Master of Sports of Russia International Class and thanks the President of the Russian Federation.


Hockey - sports game in which two teams using hockey sticks, hockey or try to hit the ball into the opponent's goal.There are several types of hockey: hockey, ball, grass, ice sledge hockey and floorball.

NHL - National Hockey League, which unites clubs of Canada and the United States.The league was founded in 1917.The main trophy of the NHL is "the Stanley Cup."In league play thirty teams from 29 cities in Canada and the United States.

KHL - Kontinental Hockey League, which played clubs from Russia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Finland, Belarus, Croatia, and Latvia.In the 2014-2015 season in the CHL will play 28 teams from 27 cities.In the future expansion of the league to 32 teams.The first championship was held in 2008.Trophy League is "Gagarin Cup."Its first owner was the Kazan "Ak Bars".KHL, due to financial difficulties, left Prague hockey club "Lion", Ukrainian "Donbass" and Moscow "Spartak".