Before the championship, all 16 of the participating teams were divided into two groups, code-named H (from the name of the city of Helsinki) and S (from the city of Stockholm).The first of these groups includes teams from Canada, Finland, the United States, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belarus, France, Kazakhstan, and the second - the Russian Federation, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Denmark and Italy.In the event it was involved in two major sports complex: Helsinki - "Hartwall Arena", and in Stockholm - "Globen Arena".
During the preliminary phase was conducted 28 games between the teams, members
of the group H and the same - between the teams, members of the group S. As a result of this came in the quarterfinals of eight teams: Canada, Slovakia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Norway, USA and Finland.The remaining eight teams in further competitions were not involved.
In the quarterfinals, Canada played against Slovakia with a score of 3: 4, Sweden and the Czech Republic - with the same score, the Russian Federation and Norway - with a score of 5: 2, and the United States and Finland - with a score of 2:3.After that, teams of Canada, Sweden, Norway and the United States withdrew from the championship.
In the semifinals, the team of Slovakia defeated the Czech team with a score of 3: 1, and the Russian team defeated the Finnish with a score of 6: 2.As a result, in the finals Slovakia and the Russian Federation.
Finals held on May 20th.On the part of the Russian Federation, it scored goals V. Alexander Semin (at 9:57 and 35:22 minutes), Alexander V. Peregozhin (26:10), Alexey Tereshchenko (33:31), Pavel Datsyuk Valelevich (43:55) andEvgeni Malkin (58:02).On the part of both goals scored Slovakia Zdeno Chara (1:06 and 49:37).Thus, with the score 6: 2 Russian team won the tournament, and the team of Slovakia took second place.In just a few hours earlier in the same city was the match for the bronze.It was attended by the team of the Czech Republic and Finland.The first of them scored 3 goals, and the second - 2 after third place went to the Czech team.