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Russian club in the Champions League came to a completely different group.CSKA will clash with current holder of the trophy Bayern Munich, the British vice-champion Manchester City and chshskim champion Viktoria Plzen.The group is very difficult, if we close our eyes to Victoria, and if open, then it becomes easier not.Manchester delirious victory in the Champions League, the coach invited specifically for this project, he invited strong players, with whom he worked.But in the end to rivals CSKA is one of the richest clubs in Europe and play.About Bavaria sense does not even have to say.Munich machine is ready to fight in any condition, and Guardiola certainly give this mechanism the desired vector and acceleration.Plzeƈ, maybe it does not sound so loud and not easily uttered as grants from this g
roup.But to be able to fight anyone.The Czech team quickly won the hearts of his uncompromising football, like us back in the days of total football from Holland late 80s, early 90s.The chances of CSKA is, they are related, of course, with the game on the floor, in an attempt to catch the football gods in the underestimation of the club from Russia.In the end, it was CSKA is the first European trophy owner of all the Russian teams.Good luck to CSKA and the beautiful game!
Group at Zenit St. Petersburg much easier by name.After all, neither Atletico nor Austria can not boast great victories on the European stage.It is not regarded as such victory as the Spanish club in the UEFA Europa serious achievements?Atletico sold his super-formarda Falcao, was replaced by David Villa, but he needs time to play with new partners.Therefore, Zenit could play literate especially in midfield to beat Atletico Madrid.Austria Vienna and did quite casual visitor in the Champions League.In the qualifying round of the Austrian football players with great difficulty we passed Dinamo Zagreb, but because phonebooks considered outsiders in this quartet.But it is certain that someone Austrians points taken away, well it was not the St. Petersburg club.Arrival port in North Palmyra meeting marked the Hulk with his former partners.What did he tell them?On the beauty of Russian women?Surely!But the main topic of discussion will be yet another, it is not pleasant for the Russian fans.Porto traditionally every year coming out of the group, played a crucial stage of the Champions League, and maybe Zenith is something to learn from their Portuguese colleagues !?