Players attacks are more likely to be recognized the best football player, championships and the world.The point is simple: they are scoring goals and are directly involved wins.What boy did not dream to score a goal in the World Cup final!That's why contracts are forwards and attacking midfielders are usually many times more expensive than the goalkeepers, midfielders and defensive players.

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo is the current holder of the "Golden Ball" (the main individual award given for the year of the football community) and has behind him the title of the English "Premier League" trophy "UEFA Champions League" (main club tournament in the world).It has the highest speed, is a master of unusual tricks.For years he perfected the technique of execution of penalty kicks, which subsequen
tly resulted in hundreds of goals against the strongest teams in the world, and clubs.Cristiano is a football star and one of the world's best players.

Lionel Messi striker "Barcelona" and the Argentina national team, is a constant rival Cristiano Ronaldo for the title and the title of best player in the world.It is not high (at the time suffered from the lack of growth hormone, but the doctors of "Barcelona" could cure it), but this does not prevent Messi be the storm of all clubs and teams in the world.Messi four times in a row was awarded the "Golden Ball".Millions of fans around the world believe his idol Lionel.


Currently enjoying great respect advocates that can support rapid flank attack actions.Full-back Madrid "Real" and the Brazilian national team has repeatedly Maicon scored goals from the edge of the penalty area.Dani Alves, John Terry and Per Meptesaker repeatedly brought "Seville", "Chelsea" and "Arsenal" to the club titles.


best player in the world recognized the great Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin.He managed to keep the British, German and Brazilian striker in the World Cup 1966 (then the USSR national team won fourth place), also achieved the Olympic championship in 1960 in Melbourne.For phenomenal playability Yashin was nicknamed "Black Spider".

greatest number of goals scored in his career the great Brazilian striker Pele.The exact number of successful Brazilian action is difficult to determine (due to the absence at that time of professional statistics), but it is significantly more than a thousand.Of course, should take into account the level of football, which is growing every year.In our time, professional football has become much drier than in the middle of the XX century.But at that time he was the best player Pele, fast, technical and methodical, and beat his record is not easy.

defender Franz Beckenbauer skillfully created a team in Germany, as we know it to this day.He was captain of the national team and his hometown club - Munich "Bavaria", ten times champion of Germany, twice - World and European champion.So far, it is the standard of the game for hundreds of professional defense.


is difficult to predict who will be in the future, the world's best player.Great hopes are pinned on striker "Barcelona" Neimar.It was bought from the Brazilian "Santos" for a record 120 million euros, and in the first year of playing for the Catalan club was the third scorer "Examples": after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.High performance and technique play also shows the player of "Milan" and the national team of Italy Mario Balotelli ("Super Mario").