Figures from the "Arsenal»

football, which can be considered a modern play about the 70-ies of the XIX century.But for a long time, players do without right now so familiar rooms, delivering significant inconvenience not only to themselves but also to the judges with the fans.The first T-shirts with numbers on the players took to the field teams, and to this day are considered trendsetters in British football - London "Arsenal" and "Chelsea".Was it uncommon for European football event nearly 100 years ago - October 13, 1928.Goal
keeper then received the first issue, defenders and midfielders - from the second to the sixth, and the attackers, which was initially five people - from seventh to eleventh.

on the back - 30, 19, 10

The fact is under any number of young born in Rosario Argentine Lionel Messi played for the local children's team called "Grândola" and "Newell's Old Boys' football history is silent.Especially as he played them for a long time, as children go along with the whole family in the Spanish-Catalan Barcelona, ​​the academy of this famous club.But we know that there is a talented newcomer, distinguished not only by low growth and phenomenal technique, given the first T-shirt with the 30th number.Underneath Lionel and debuted in the youth team and double.He was replaced by the same number, becoming the 19th, just after entering the main part of "blue garnet" as soon as possible by taking many of your favorite star forwards and attacking midfielders, "Ten."

Happened change early in the season 2008/2009, when the "Barcelona" had left and moved for 25 million euros to the Italian "Milan" the former idol of the Catalan fans and owner of "tens" Brazilian Ronaldinho.Argentine Messi, who had already claimed the status of the main stars of the club, the number of remaining "orphan" took without hesitation.And hardly regrets about it.Indeed, in his first season in the form of "Barcelona" with the number 10, the star striker not only won the league and Copa del Rey, and was the winner and the best striker of the European Champions League and the gold medalist of the world club championship.And in 2009 he was awarded the prize for the best player in Europe and the world.With the same usual "dozens" Lionel Messi plays in the Argentina national team, leading it to victory in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and a silver medal 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Heirs Pele and Messi

most famous footballer in the world, also played under the number ten is the Brazilian Pele.Let this issue, as evidenced by the historians of football, he got quite by accident.But after the game, "ten" has become almost a prerogative of the major stars of world football, he recognized scorers and playmakers.In particular, it it achieved its main sporting success predecessor Messi on thrones Argentine, Barcelona and world football Diego Maradona, the French Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane, the Italians Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero, the Brazilians Rivaldo and Romario, Frenchman Ferenc Puskas, the Dutchman RuudGullit and many others.

under the number ten at the World Championship in his native Brazil played and rookie "Barcelona" Neymar.But the club from the capital of Catalonia, this number could get him no sooner than after the departure of Messi.And not the fact that a senior.Most recently, Lionel Messi became the father of the baby, named Thiago.Newborn gift from the Pope became the club membership card "Newell's Old Boys" and the name Barça shirt "Barcelona" to a tenth, of course, a number.Will the Thiago Messi Lionel stellar career and save the number in the family, it becomes clear in 15-20 years.