you need
  • team, self-confidence, the coach, the principles, the fans.
At the beginning of the season 2013/2014 Antonio Conte told the journalists 10 rules or principles on which to play every player in his team.These caps seemed to truth should be hanged on the wall of every teacher and remember them always and everywhere, no matter how bad it was, and no matter how failure is not marked by career sta
ge.And then any fan will, maybe not love, but I do respect the head coach of his favorite team.
1. The team is more important than 'I'.Conte makes a real team, not just a bunch of talented people on the same team.The correctness of this path has already proven Borussia Dortmund last year.The atmosphere in the team is doing wonders with the weakest teams, and only the strong start to just fly over the field.
2. Thirst for victory, which is necessary to develop every day.As a player, Conte has always been a perfectionist and demands the same from his players.Trophies do not have to linger in the minds of the players for a long time, it is necessary to expel them out scalded broom.
3. Trust the coach never doubted him.This is Italy, and head coach of the team then fly like snowflakes in the snow.It is worth a little stumble, and you're unemployed.Conte against it!Any teacher should be given time so that he could build what he would call the team!
4. Training is the cornerstone of success.You have a great player?Then you have no place in Juventus!The Turin club, plowed up a sweat and Pirlo, and Tevez and Kelini and Buffon.
5. Healthy lifestyle ... our players to show this principle ...
6. Always think about the attack.My favorite principle.Who is in charge in football?The players?Coaches?Judges?No.Fans.Each player, even defensive, must see how he can launch a counterattack.
7. The speed of movement and thought.Modern football is like a gladiator battle, and here it is very important your opponent's quick response after application they strike.The faster the ball will move on the field, the more difficult opponent to adjust to the attack, and the easier it is to go forward on the free space.
8. Everything is done from the heart.Try to go to the football field and return to the locker room to dry or clean shirt.Try to take your foot in the episode where it can not rob.Try to ignore the call of the coach "cheer up."Try it and you will see another city in Italy and the world, when you're out there playing.
9. Juventus - it's a great story.This postulate can not but admire!Conte did not share myself and the team, the fans and the history.Only together can achieve Juve those heights again, where once lived the team.
10. You have to be aggressive, but correct.And this applies not only to play on the football field, but also outside it.Antonio Conte, as an intelligent man tries to instill the principle of team that plays against them are the same people, colleagues, and that you can not take it out on them because of something.