you need
  • - Ball;
  • - sports uniforms;
  • - football field.
developed their own style of possession.Movement can be very simple, play on the left side of the foot to the performance of "rainbow" of the ball.It is important to learn some good techniques to develop your freestyle on the excellent level as well as making improvised movement.See most football on TV and communicate with other coaches and players.This will give you more ideas for development.
Practice your movements in game situations.Once you have worked on the relocation exercise, try to do it in the game.If you have all turned out well, add movement to your arsenal.If not - Train further.
Begin to improvise with the movements
that you have obtained.As soon as you have a lot of assets in motion, you can adjust them to real situations.It just starts a real freestyle.You should understand that there is absolutely identical game situations in 2 different matches.
practiced freestyle movement in a one-sided game.This is best done with a small number of players - from 4 to 5 on the same team.This will give you more opportunities to work with the ball and hone their skills.
Use the entire volume of the field when the train football freestyle.An important part of the game - to know everything that happens during a match.Defenders do not always do it, and so you should not miss such a chance.Use freestyle at the approach to the goalie area of ​​the enemy.You thus will be able to either get the ball or send it to open the player.
benefit of other parts of your body when doing freestyle.While working with the ball, try to include the knees, chest, head and shoulders in motion, if possible.Although not try to do everything at once.About these body parts are often overlooked, not realizing that they can provide additional space for fraudulent traffic.
wait to defender made the move first, until you have started to show their skills.Try to count, he's going to do before you make your move.Thus, you will have more chances to catch the defense off guard.