Ask players to start training , whether anyone has one injury or damage.If someone answers "yes", ask the athlete examined by a doctor.Even if you are in doubt, make sure that it is in any case not take part in the training.The medical team is to ascertain the nature and severity of damage.This is a very serious matter, because it can happen to a recurrence of injury and the athlete long to fall out of order.
Tell the players to walk slowly for a while and then suddenly tell them to increase the pace.Make it so that they have produced accelerating at the same moment.At the end ask them to make a light jog.Complete this part workout in 10 minutes.
Ask the players do stretching all the major muscle groups.The most important sections: the calf, hamstrings, g
roin and quadriceps femoris.Also make sure that they are well pulled the whole body.This important part of the training should not take more than 10 - 15 minutes.
Give the players a few minutes of stretching.Let the players will do a personal exercise or complexes.
Give the order to make the players run faster than at the beginning of the session.Every 30 seconds, let's command acceleration.Keep it lasted no more than 5 seconds.Doing this kind of work for 10 minutes while the players do not feel tired.
Give the players a ball in the next part of the training .Arrange it so that one group of players made a living circle, and a few of them were inside it.The goal is for those players who form a circle - to keep the ball.Group within it is to try to intercept it.Thus, all players will play two roles.Take this part of the training 15 minutes.
Spend a debriefing at the end of training .Specify players on the points that should tighten up.Praise those who are well-behaved showed.Spend hitch light jogging.