draw held at the headquarters of UEFA, who is the founder of the famous soccer tournament.Every year it passes almost the same days.In order to command allowed to participate in the tournament, it must meet certain criteria: have a license of the national association, the stadium, the relevant requirements of the UEFA, and certain financial opportunities.

Initially, the organizers draw prepare special baskets, which laid out a small soccer balls inside them are cards with the names of the teams.The first basket - Team Grande, the second - less strong in the third - the weak, the fourth - a little known or even unknown to football teams.When the draw closely watching to one pair and a group not included clu
bs from the same football federation.When there is a draw for the Champions League, the first in the group distributes top clubs, which are the strongest contenders."Top" is determined by the points in the table rankings of UEFA.

best teams form the "uterus" groups.After their competent distribution of eight bowls begin to organize the second basket, where the less strong teams.Overact may several times to teams from the same federation do not fall into one gaming group.

At the end comes the spread of teams from the third and fourth basket.These commands are weak and the weakest game of the UEFA rankings, respectively.Their names are in the third and fourth baskets.At the draw of the Champions League are closely watching to football federations of one country do not overlap each other.

The result is a group of eight games in the group stage.In each of them there are grants for the rating is not very strong club, medium and weakest.From the last game every year expecting the biggest sensations and surprises.