Discard shoes

also say that football is a very simple game - bought a ball, put on a T-shirt, pants and shoes, and ran.Stop-stop, just on sneakers, and you need to take a timeout.Firstly, because for football, they do not fit.Even in the hall and summer shoes are torn, at best through play.And secondly, it is not about football in the winter (at this time of year can be, for example, to play under the roof in the conventional knitting running shoes), namely the wi
nter football.It's not the same thing.

snow and snow circle

By choosing footwear for winter football, especially if you are going for the amateur game (Pro not only know everything yourself, but usually surrounded by a host of doctors and trainers), should be treated no less carefully thanto the choice of site.Cooking feet and shoes better to advance and not at the last minute before the starting whistle.

The first thing you need to know: What is a stadium or a field to play?What coverage there - trodden, or loose snow, artificial grass with a base of concrete or frozen ground, something more dangerous?It is important to find out: How much will it take and what exactly you will be involved - in a match or just in a big tournament?From this, too, depends on the selection of shoes and the number of necessary pairs.Finally, any, even the most modern football shoes are not worn on bare feet, still need to play with socks and warm socks.

Therefore, prudent and experienced people are advised to follow the example of fishermen.Like, those legs so as not to freeze because of the long distances on ice immediately put on two pairs of thin socks (where the bottom put dry mustard), a newspaper wrapped legs and additionally a plastic bag.

True, this method has many opponents.After all, the fishermen on their rivers and ponds are usually in the boots, but they are not particularly football play.Although an English footballer somehow managed to get out on the field it is in Russian winter footwear, and even scored a goal.However, this happened only in training, but the player himself just above freezing teammates joked.

We climb into the skin

choosing shoes for winter street football, it is important to take into account, from which it was sewn.And if you bought at the store naimodneyshie boots of leather, it is not always correct.The fact that the leather absorbs moisture well, and to the final whistle on your feet will not boot, and weights.Excluding one - expensive shoes from kangaroo leather, do not miss the water and because it is considered ideal for the snow and rain.

In short, it is better to take less expensive, but much more durable shoes made of artificial leather.It can only damage the improper care or old age.

By size becomes

Choosing child soccer shoes for the winter, try not to take the same size that your son is constantly in everyday life.Experts advise shoe business: good stretch children's shoes from natural leather should be half a size bigger and imitation - even one.

buy boots for an adult is much easier.After all, they can be selected in full compliance with the size of the everyday.A leather - and a little less.But be careful not to buy sports shoes with a narrow strip, in it you will surely freeze even without frost.

boots not stalled

ideal shoe for street football and winter football - only one type of street it is games, it is boots.Another thing is that now a lot of them and sew them almost for every type of soil and grass varieties.Therefore, when choosing the best again, consult with professionals.

According to these pros, the best of the many species are the ones bearing the marking HG (Hard Ground or "hard surface").This football shoes, thanks to 11 or 13 spikes and quality "linkage" is perfect for any artificial or even snow cover.

¬ęCentipede" on our feet

Alas, these football boots quite expensive, not all fans can afford them.Especially playing once a week or month "for a beer."In conventional sports shoes to play, of course, too convenient, but rather cold and dangerous for the fingers.Yes, and they absorb moisture faster than usually ends the match.

ideal option if the play falls on almost closed by snow artificial turf, it is the acquisition of the so-called centipedes.The players call them as "mnogoshipovkami" and "Turf".Outwardly, they look like a cross between sneakers and shoes, but it is much easier, softer and more durable.And for a little frost and snow will be just right.