you need
  • - equipment for the game of football.
Bear in mind that the attacker takes a proactive stance in the final stage of the attack.Striker has to strike on goal from the very different positions and distances.Very often, the attacker has to hit the ball the most awkward positions.Therefore, in the arsenal of the player must be very precise and powerful strokes his head and feet.
Learn to play on the edge of the position "outside the game" is next to the free defender.Here, the attacker must be able to use each transmission teammates.Your task - all the time be near the free defender and try to cat
ch the ball first.
If the game goes to the center of the field, take control of the actions of the team.Organize the attack towards the gates of the enemy, and as fully participate in its development.Forward when playing center field should be active in the search space.It is also their actions mislead count, that you watch over.
When the ball is on the side of the field your team pull the midfield line, going from under enemy custody.Here, it's best to get the ball and to evaluate the game situation.If you are having difficulty with partners, also played in the attack, the central striker takes steps to remedy the situation, leaving the space and opening for receiving the ball.
The massive pressure from the carers have the players of the other team try to stop quickly.To do this, the attacker is recommended to perform short movements forward or backward with the departure of the way.After receiving the ball right at his feet, quickly assess the position of partner and pass the ball to someone who is in the best position.After passing the ball immediately navigate to the space near the opponent's goal, opening to a possible transfer.
When you are in the vicinity of the gates of the enemy and get the gear, try as quickly as possible to assess the situation.If conditions permit, complete the combination of accurate and powerful strike on goal.The reward for your skill will be scored a goal, congratulations from teammates and the admiration of the fans.