During the match, the Portuguese has usually left leg and the inside of the foot.So it is possible to send the ball to where you need it.The truth is it does not get twisted beats, but it will be more accurate and powerful.The main secret of Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of performance shocks - is very short, almost invisible goalkeeper swing.That is why the strike gets biting, unexpected and accurate.And there is no difference whether the processing time and the ball Cristiano has one touch to stay ahead of all rivals.
should also be said about free kick Portuguese.After all, Ronaldo created his own unique style on a free kick that baffled the best goalkee
pers in the world.How did Cristiano has the secret of his trenchant and often irresistible free kick mark.
must start from the stand, which takes Ronaldo before the free-kick.First, we need to move on from the ball five steps, and steps must be broad.Once the run is made, the first step is to go to the left, and then Ronaldo starts to move to the ball.It should be noted that Cristiano runs up quickly and not much attention is paid to put the pivot foot near the ball clear.
If we talk about some of the boots, which Ronaldo hits the ball, it is the inner part of it.At the moment of impact just need to beating continued leg kick to the left.And the Portuguese moves to the left and the entire body in order to give greater impact force.And if everything goes perfectly, the chance to fight off a shot on goal, even in the best goalkeeper almost none.It is also important to note that Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment of impact is not looking at the gate, which beats, and on the ball.