Tip 1: How to create a set of exercises for the gym

going to the gym without a specific purpose and a clear program hardly makes sense.Engage is necessary under the supervision of an instructor who will be most suitable for you complex exercise .However, the basic principles of the program for the gym hall you have to know yourself.
determine what goal you are pursuing.If you lose fat and lose weight, the emphasis should be on aerobic exercise.If you want to bring the body to tone muscles and get relief, prefer strength training.
Any classes begin with a warm up.Take it for 5-10 minutes.Mash on the treadmill, moving at a speed of 5-6 km / h and controlling your pulse.Follow kicks and hands, the body rises in a standing position.All you need to do warm-up exercises without weights and quiet pace.
weekly training schedule should be drawn up so that during each session trained different muscle groups.For example, you decide to go to the gym on Tuesdays and Fridays.On Tuesday, the work of his hands, upper back, lower a
nd upper press, outer thighs, buttocks.On Friday, the emphasis is placed on the lower back, obliques, inner thighs, calves.
In compiling complex and consider the initial parameters of your body.If you want to build muscle, you need to perform a small number of repetitions of exercises , but with more weight.In order to attain the tightened figure and elastic muscles without volume, increase the number of repetitions with small weights.
After completing basic complex and be sure to make a banner.Change complex of stretch exercises 1-2 times a month, gradually increasing the chances of your muscles.

Tip 2: How to create a set for the gym

In the gym you go to get the effect of the training, to increase their muscle mass, improve the shape, lose weight.But without a certain class system will not bring the desired result.So before you start training, you need to create complex exercises designed just for you.
How to create a set for the gym
you need
  • - a clear specific goal;
  • - a plan of action;
  • - information on existing simulators;
  • - consultation with the instructor;
  • - knowledge of its maximum power.
Put a clear goal of what exactly you want to achieve.It should be a really clear goal.Determine what kind of results you want to achieve and by when.Do not write: "I want to have good muscles."Write: "I want to January 1, the press have six distinct blocks, biceps circumference of 50 cm and to be able to catch up to 10 times on one hand."The only way you can make a truly effective training program.
Identify your weaknesses.Stand before a mirror and look at yourself critically.Better yet, ask someone to take a picture of you in a full-length swimming trunks or a bathing suit in the three perspectives: front, rear and side.You'll see what it is you should focus their efforts in the first place.You can not make bricks in a press having a flabby fat on the waist.Therefore, making the program, point number 1, you will have to write: "To get rid of excess weight."
determine the time and duration of the training.Building a program, consider your existing capabilities.Ideal engaged three times a week for one hour.If you need to drive extra weight, add two more cardio.Your schedule does not allow you to engage in this mode?Think about how to reduce the amount of training and improve their performance.You can extend the sessions to one and a half hours and perform exercises to simultaneous elaboration of a large number of muscles.You can include aerobic exercise into their operating mode, for example, replace a trip on public transport on walking at a fast pace or a bike ride.
study available in the gym shells.Do not be lazy, go to the selected gym and discuss it with the instructor.Most athletes do not use all the features of simulators, simply because they do not know about them.It is difficult to draw up a training program, without having a clear idea of ​​exactly what exercises you can do.
Select the exercise with regard to its schedule.Training must begin with a warm-up.It can be an exercise bike, elliptical trainer, treadmill or jump rope.Each of them has its own additional benefits.For example, jumping rope additionally trained hands.And this is very important if you want to learn how to catch up on one hand.
Try to involve all muscle groups in one workout.When the work is done at least 4 approaches, each set of 8-10 repetitions.Rest between sets no more than a minute, otherwise the muscles cool down.Best of all the breaks to stretch-developed muscles.At the end of the training plan 5-10 minutes to cool down.This can be a slow running or stretching.The smooth completion of the training will help calm the heartbeat and reduce the pressure to normal.
Determine your maximum strength.It is necessary to determine the operating weight and number of approaches to the projectile.
Think about what you will do if a simulator in which you have to work according to plan, will be busy.There are exercises that replace each other.For example, push-ups and bench press the bar on the chest, pulling on the bar and the top link on the block simulator.This must be done in training is not to waste time waiting.
Make a clear plan for training.Arrange training diary.Now you are ready to go.
In no case do not exercise every day.After each session in the muscles occur microtrauma, thanks to which they result and strengthened.However, for this they always need a good rest and recovery for 1-2 days.
Helpful Hint
After strength training recommended protein diet.After 1.5-2 hours after class, eat a serving of low-fat meat, cheese or fish.In addition, pay attention to protein shakes without the fat burning effect.