Active Set consists of:
twisting - 20-50 times;

Ā«Frog" pull-ups on a bench - 20-50 times;

Reverse Crunch - 20-50 times;

twisting Callanetics - 1/100.
Remember that you can not rest between exercises.Only after you do a twisting Callanetics, relax a minute.
now detail:
Twisting to be performed while lying on your back.The legs should be bent, feet should be put on the floor.Stretch forth your hands, tearing off his shoulders from the floor.Watch for breathing: breathe in a prone position, the upper position exhale.People often make a mistake when performing twists, instead of straining your abdominal muscles neck muscles.Keep this in mind and do not Mahal head back and forth.
Frog pull operate on a bench or a bed.Sit on the edge of the bench or bed, lie on your back, hands behind her head.Now tighten the abdomen legs bent at the knees.Then straighten the trunk into a string and then pull the leg.Knees can be kept together, but you can plant.With this exercise practiced abdominal muscles.
The next reverse twist.They performed lying on your back, hands at your sides on the floor, lifting and bending his legs.To complicate exercise can be, if you raise your legs up and hold in this position.Lift your pelvis off the floor, if you want to stand in the rack on the blades, but not very high.Hands should lie on the floor, try not to rely on them.Not podmahivat legs to help lift the pelvis.It needs to be lifted only by muscle tension in the abdominals.
Twisting Callanetics.These are the same conventional twisting.But unlike conventional twisting callanetics made static.For example, the designation of 1/100 means that the need to perform a time, keeping the body at the top for 100 seconds.