following permanent location for the defense field.To effectively beat their rivals, you need to see exactly where they are at the moment.If they come off far from his goal, or are far away from each other, then at this point you have all the chances to score quickly on the counterattack.To beat them in this case is quite simple, if you pass through the middle, you will assist the wings teammates.
beat defender one to one and walk away from him at speed.If you run the ball and the opponent gets up to meet you, you can cut around it on either side, icing the ball between the legs and push his body.Once you have completed any of these items quickly away from him as fast as you can.
Follow combination with a partner of your team.If you're a ball and your p
artners are located near you (rear, front or sides), sends to one of them and run out into the open.Get the transfer of a player of his team and go away at the speed of the opponent's defenders.
Sling the ball over the defenders.This is another, but quite risky option obygrysha opponent.Once you see the pop-up player of his team, dump the ball over the defenders in his area.If successful scenario, he will pick up the ball and continue to attack your team, completing it pocketed the ball.Make sure that he has not been on the line offside.In this case, it will be fixed to "offside" and you have to return the ball to the opponent.
Hit the ball from a distance so that the defenders were not even able to intercept it.Work out as many strikes on goal from long positions.In this case, you do not even have to beat their rivals.Do this as often as possible.It's just discouraged, and the number of the defenders of the opponent will result in quality.
Use gaps in the defense.The most common situation that is happening in front of goal - an open area between the line of defense.Look for it at the approach to the penalty area and immediately use their numerical advantage.Then the defenders simply do not have time for the ball and you can easily turn your position in an acceptable score on the scoreboard.