you need
  • Support (Front simulator or doorframe)
  • gymnastic mat.
left side stand to support.Grasp it with his left hand at shoulder level.Feet should be shoulder width apart, knees weaken.Drag the body to the right and a right hand to the side supports.Your body has to be bent in an arc.You will feel the tension in the muscles on the left side.Hold this position until you feel the ultimate stress.Repeat.Make the same stretch for the right side of the body.
Stand with legs apart at shoulder width.Bending the knees and hips, lean forward.Pass the hand between her legs and grabbed his ankles.Pull your body to the hips.Slowly arch your back up , bulging blade.Lock position for 10 - 15 seconds.
Stand on all fours on the mat, set
up the hands and feet shoulder-width apart.Slowly lower your buttocks to the heels, try to pull your hands as far as possible.You should feel the tension in the muscles of the lower back.This exercise further helps to quickly get rid of acute back pain.
Get on all fours and try to gradually pull back toward the ceiling.Proceed with caution, pull the vertebra by vertebra.Tighten the chin to the chest.Then slowly lower your chest down and gently zaprokinte head.Within 20 seconds pruzhinte chest toward the floor, carefully slowly.Feel the tense back muscles.
Lie on your back .Bend the right leg at the knee, pull the left.Right hand pull to the side.Lower the left leg bent, as if trying to reach the knee to the floor.Help yourself with his left hand, resting it on his knee.Turn head to the right.The whole body as if twisted.When you feel maximum muscle tension for 20 seconds gently rocking the right foot.Repeat on the other side.Exercise further stretches the neck.