Prepare for a bit of exercise and stretch the muscles.To do this, lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put the foot on the floor smoothly, rewound his hands behind his head.Within minutes, please calm breaths.
Staying in the same position, start ups body.Slowly lift your upper body up and forward, keeping your lower back off the floor.Elbows The guide to the knees.He stayed in that position for a few moments, slowly descend.Do not try to do exercise jerk - so you can hurt your back.
Spread the legs a little wider, and start the second exercise.Lift the body, as in the first task, but at the same point the elbows alternately to the right, then to the left knee.During the exercise breathe calmly.Exhale while lifting the body, inhale - sinking.
Lying on your back,
feet dilute the width of the feet, hands extend along the body.Raising the body, pull the hands forward.Complicate this exercise, reaching out with his right hand to his left knee, left - to the right.
arms to the side and place the palms on the floor.Legs are brought together and leave in half-bent position.Lift your legs up at a right angle and tilt them to the side, trying to get to the floor, but without taking your hand.This exercise helps to train the obliques.
Put your hands along the body, legs slightly bend at the knees.Keeping his back, lift hips up, and then - lower.Then, without looking up from the floor of the blade and buttocks, arch your lower back.
Join hands behind his head, legs bent at the knees leave.Raise both legs and upper torso, trying to touch your elbows knees.
Begin abdominal exercises with only a few repetitions and gradually bring their number to 15-20.If you get the first time to perform a greater number of repetitions, then you are doing the exercise correctly.