Learning to hold your breath for a long time in a day will turn out.It is necessary to exercise regularly.Lessons need to start by asking the right breathing.Exercises are performed standing or sitting, with chest, head and neck should be in a straight line.
First make the maximum possible exhalation.Breathe evenly and smoothly.This air must take place without tension.Then inhale, first crushes the diaphragm, then moved apart the lower part of the ribs, and then only in the middle and the end of the upper portion of the chest.The diaphragm does not bulge.Full breath does not necessarily imply filling the lungs to the maximum.The main thing - to evenly distribute the air inhaled by the l
Then make several consecutive full breaths to lungs were extremely zapolneny.Zaderzhite breathing deeply in the chest as much as you can.When you feel that hold the air in the lungs, you are no longer able to push it through the power of the mouth.This operation must be repeated several times.
man who began to practice these exercises at first to hold their breath for a long time can not.However, constant training will greatly enhance its ability.Arm yourself for hours and see how long you could not breathe.
If train breath constantly, then eventually your lessons lead to the expansion of the chest and an increase in the stock of their life.By the way, yoga found that the holding of the breath benefits both the respiratory and digestive organs and the nervous system and blood in general.They argue that to hold your breath helps the body to collect toxins that have accumulated in the lungs.Released after a delay of breathing air from the lungs and carries with them.
This exercise is recommended yogis all over the world for the treatment of gastric disorders, liver disease, as well as for the treatment of blood disorders.In addition, hold your breath able to save people from bad breath.Because in some cases, it appears only on the lack of ventilation.