There is nothing easier than to create a football team.Invite to play co-workers, friends and acquaintances.Many businesses and organizations there wyjazdy to play football.
According to the rules for each side playing eleven.Ten in the field and one at the gate.But if so many players is not reached, it is possible to drive the ball and in a smaller quantitative composition.The main thing is that it is at either side of the field.
can play in the mini football or futsal.They play four field play
ers and a goalie on each side.We just need to rent a gym.School happy to rent for this purpose their gyms, and inexpensive.
Let's start with the big football.What you need to do?Firstly, players, and secondly, equipment.Sports uniform consists of shorts and T-shirt (you can buy in any store).One set you can buy less than a thousand rubles.If the match is a purely amateur, uniforms can be any.In this case, it is important that players would not be confused with their strange.Then let one of the teams playing bare-chested or armbands, or head (suitable bright bandanas).
Another attribute of the game of football - football boots.These are studded boots for the game of football.They are also sold in any sporting goods store.The spikes on their soles provide excellent traction with a football field, it is especially important in the dynamic game.In addition, these shoes sturdy and durable.Cleats can be purchased at the price range of a thousand and more expensive on sales - much cheaper.If there is no money, play in regular sneakers or shoes, but these shoes are usually quickly fails.
Finally, the ball - the price of a wide variety of.For example, the ball is produced by "Adidas" can be purchased for four hundred rubles and more.
in mini football or futsal is played on a wooden floor.And because you do not need shoes.Need shoes without spikes with rubber soles or other materials, provides good traction with parquet playing hall.It is important that the shoes do not slip.It can be purchased less than a thousand rubles.