should be understood that one hundred percent of prescription guessing the results of football matches does not exist.However, attempts to find such a possibility was, is and will be.All existing variants can be divided into classical and alternative.
Classical methods are well known and are based on determining the real strength of participating teams in the match.To accurately as possible to guess the outcome of the match, you must consider the team a place in the ranking of clubs, its composition before the game, the physical condition of the players.So, if one or more of the leading players are injured and will not participate in the game, the team's chances of winning are reduced.In a
ddition, take into account the overall state of the team, it is worse at the beginning of the season and reaches a peak before the end.
One of the factors that may influence the outcome of the match, it is the weather.Some teams perform well in the rain, others prefer the comfort of the game.Also, a significant impact on the result of providing state of the field - if it is bad, it is to the detriment of their technical teams.
Based on the analysis of the collected data can be ahead of the game with a fairly high probability to predict the outcome of the match.Nevertheless, football so interesting that very often completely unpredictable.Even a weak team can catch the spirit and beat the strongest club - though this is rare, but does happen.That is why many fans tote try to find other ways to determine the winner of the match.
include alternative takes the place of honor sports astrology.Despite the fact that scientists consider astrology a pseudoscience, many of its followers successfully apply their knowledge in practice.The basis of their argument is the thesis that everything in the world is subject to certain rhythms, associated with the movement of the planets.Having identified the effect of this movement on the specific commands, you can make a well-founded conclusions.Results from sports astrologer, at least not worse than the supporters of the classical methods.
To determine the winner of the next match with the help of astrology is necessary to make a kind of natal chart commands - that is, to evaluate the position of the planets on the day and time of their creation.Further, these data are compared with the current arrangement of planets, are defined by the positive and negative aspects.Based on the analysis we conclude that the chances of a team in a match preferable.
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