The design of the rollers are divided into three types.Fitness videos are intended for ordinary riding and most common.Their best buy for regular walks in the park.With an average speed provide high maneuverability.
Aggressive commercials suggest and aggressive skating.They are no longer razovesh great speed, but these videos provide maximum maneuverability.Aggressive commercials tend to buy for jumps, stunts and other "tricks".
Cross rollers.These rollers are designed primarily for high-speed riding in a straight line.They, too, can maneuver, but the most stable running rollers are at a high speed.
defined the type of rollers, look at their device.Frame - a very important element.Better to buy rollers with meta
l frame.It lasts a long time.
Next come the wheel.They are divided by the diameter, quality of bearings and rigidity.As for the characteristics of bearings, consult the seller, stiffness choose based on their preferences.If you like a soft ride, take the rollers with rubber wheels.Check also the possibility of replacing the wheels.If they are screwed, these wheels can be replaced.
Boots.It determines the comfort and skating technique.If you meet all of the rollers, but you have not yet measured the - compete.Take your time to walk around in commercials for a while.Rollers should sit on the foot like a glove, and they should be comfortable.See, that was not the boots made of leather - quickly wear from contact with the asphalt.More See to it that the boots were breathing.Otherwise, your feet will sweat quickly.Rollers to boot from a fabric, comfortable and easy - that's a great choice for beginners.
About fasteners.Better to take videos with lacing.Thus on the ankle will not be more than a mechanical belt tightening.In this, and in any other case, fasteners should clearly fix the foot in the boot, but do not squeeze it.
the brakes do not necessarily look.Experience has shown that few people use the brake mounted on skates.But he can not hurt you.
That's all.I would like to add that roller skates - it is not the bread and potatoes.Good quality horses cost between 600 rubles.Cheaper can only cost Chinese goods.