have a ticket to the ballet at the "Zenith" no tickets

His most simple method is not only time to learn by ending a football match, but also to witness all of its changes, as well as the vicissitudes of the game is to buy at the box office the coveted ticket orSubscription indicating the podium, and a number of places.Then sit out at the stadium 90 minutes to see through on a color display.And if the game was the cup, then stay at the stadium for 30 more minutes and maybe even watch the fascinating series of penalties.

The main advantage of this option is obvious - the fans are almost the whole game in the game a
longside their idols.Moreover, they are able to help their enthusiasm home team win an important game.

The downside is the possible lack of box office tickets, especially at the "top" matches, need a long time away from home or work, the long road to the stadium and from the stadium, not the most comfortable conditions, bad weather and cold, escape from whichStreet conditions very difficult. most profitable way to get to the stadium for the fans is to purchase season tickets.They allow you not to crowd at the box office and pay the speculators, and to come to the football at a convenient time.

Click on the button - get the result of the match ...

when the Soviet Union and Russia still did not have internet and TV was considered a luxury not available to many in the stands of football stadiums during the games, for example, with the participation of Moscow"Spartacus" and Kiev "Dynamo", there was no place to drop an apple.And sold out in "Luzhniki" or "Dinamo" surprised not more than the absence of tickets for performances of the Bolshoi Theater.

Now the situation is quite different - a serious competitor "sick" at the podium up football shows on television, online broadcast on the Internet and on the radio.One need only click on the monitor and, please, on the screen immediately appear stars of the football club "Zenith" Hulk, Andrei Arshavin, Alexander Kerzhakov, Oleg Shatov, other masters of leather ball and pets tens of thousands of fans in St. Petersburg.And not only in St. Petersburg.

Do you like football - love and football website

great help to the football fans are specialized sports and club sites, the pages they day and night can learn a variety of information both about his team and the outcome of the next match,with her participation.And regardless of what city or country this match or tournament passes.And at the same time and leave your own comments, to share and exchange experiences. Petersburg "Zenith", as well as another 15 Premier League clubs have their own websites.On their pages regularly laid out the latest news about the various tournaments, including the results of the just-concluded game.

comes out as always: "News" and "Truth" and "Red StarĀ»

Among these fans identifies those who are watching his team for many years, combining watching games from the stands or from the couchhis apartment reading a newspaper report of a football on a daily or weekly sports publication.And sometimes, if you can not come to the stadium and get a computer, and read in the newspaper replacing own impressions.

In addition, the newspaper is available with a variety of statistics, see the table and draw pictures of the match, read the comments of experts and journalists.