Tip 1: How to build shoulders

For centuries, beautiful and broad shoulders are a sign of virility and strength, which can not fail to attract admiring glances from the fair sex.Therefore shoulders are the most popular muscle group, which aims to pump most of the men attending the gym.
you need
  • - Rod;
  • - dumbbells.
quite effectively exercise the muscles of the shoulder girdle - barbell bench press because of the head.This involved the middle beams deltoids, triceps, serratus anterior and upper trapezius muscles.Bench can be performed either standing or sitting on the bench.Place the rod with a certain weight on the shoulders head and keep grip on top.Take a deep breath and squeeze the bar up, keep your back straight, do not bend at the waist.At the end of the motion exhale.Make as many presses.
Exercise with barbell bench press chest load average and the front part of the deltoid muscle, the upper section of trapezius muscles, clavicular portion of the pectoral muscle, serratus anterior muscle.T
ake the bar in front of a grip on, put it on top of the chest and elbows slightly rewound forward to increase the load on the front part of the deltoid muscle.Inhale and squeeze the barbell straight up at the top exhale.
Stand up straight, back straight, feet shoulder width apart.Take the rod to the desired weight of the upper grip and keep shoulder-width apart.Raise the bar just above shoulder level (or to their level), and then lower it to the level of the waist.Try during exercise did not help themselves swaying body.All the movements are carried out by the deltoid muscle.
For training side and front deltoid do bench presses with dumbbells.Take dumbbells and hold them at the folded hands of the upper grip (about shoulder height).Raise the dumbbells upward until until they meet at the top.Then lower their arms to the side.Repeat for ten to fifteen such exercises in the two approaches.
thrust rod narrow grip chin.Through this exercise develops the front deltoid and trapezius muscles.Moreover, the wider the grip, the more load switches to the delta with the trapeze.Take the bar top grip and stand up straight, the distance between your hands should be about twenty-five centimeters.Hold the barbell in front of you at arm's length lowered.Pull the neck straight up, keeping it close to the body and bringing the elbows forward as long as the rod is not close to the chin.Reaching the top, slowly lower to the starting position of the projectile.

Tip 2: How to build shoulders

you want to say about you - "Oh, oblique seven feet at the shoulders!", Then start working.To work in order to pump up the shoulders need to Buda hard.However, each muscle group requires a special attitude, approach and technique training.
How to build shoulders

If you're obsessed with this thing, you have a couple of tips on how to pump up his shoulders wee home help horizontal bar and dumbbells.Please note that every body and every body is different senses exercise.Some of gaining muscle mass, while others go into the mine.There are some people who are not physically able to pump myself impressive muscles.However, this does not mean that the system is not effective.

Start with the lessons on the bar.First grip on yourself, chin above the horizontal bar.Number of lifts and approaches adjusted according to the original form.With each workout, try to increase the amount of exercise.Then, to his grip, faster movement and rhythmic.Check activity on the bar, you need a complex exercise on the back muscles.To do this, hold all five fingers of the bar, hands dilute to 1.5 meters.Now start doing lifts bringing the head back of the head to the horizontal bar.This exercise is complicated in two ways.First, increase your weight - put a backpack on his shoulders, and in his place the dumbbells.Second, your arms wider.

After warming up on the bar, grasp the dumbbells.Exercises on the back is not so much important perseverance and regularity.

first exercise.Sit on a chair, back straight.In both hands take dumbbells.Hands with dumbbells, lift up, and then spread apart and bend at the elbows.

second exercise.Stand up straight, you can against the wall.In both hands take dumbbells.In turn lift the dumbbell, bringing his hand in front of him.

third exercise.Stand up straight, take a dumbbell in your hands.Begin at the same time raise both hands, throwing them to the side.

This is not a tricky set of exercises to help you achieve tangible results.And when you achieve it, you will want more.