Tip 1: How to Play Soccer

Football - undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular sports games in the world today.Vozniknuvshey once as entertainment English aristocracy, he was a very short time conquered the whole world and the love of all segments of the population.

It is played and in the courtyards and in a huge stadium.It generates a flurry of emotions among fans.Millions of people lay all my affairs in order to see the next broadcast of a football match.

consider the basic principles of the game:

The main thing is not to be afraid of the ball and ridicule teammates.The most successful option would be to help these friends who will support you and will not scoff failures.In such a close-knit atmosphere all the feints and tricks will be developed much more easily and in less time.However, it will be possible to pay attention to physical fitness, it is one of the main factors in teaching football.Real football player you need to have a healthy heart, a large lung capacity and strong legs.

Before each of your train

ing runs a few laps around the field and well kneaded.Then, for ten to twenty minutes pasuyte ball to each other.Then you can start raspasovku in motion.Take a breather and share with each other on equal teams and spend hour friendly match.Most realistic gameplay will allow you to be confident in complex tactical situations and not get lost.So it should look similar to your workout program.Later, when your level of play a little rise gradually be incorporated into lesson learning new tricks and tactics of the game.It quickly teaches you own a great body and will develop good coordination.The complex, it helps to play football at a high level.

Just do not forget about the theory of football.As often as possible to watch the game of their favorite team, watch the behavior of the players on the field, remember the spectacular feints and tackles.Then, when you're playing with friends on the field, try to repeat them, and used directly in the game.So, learn how to play football you get a lot easier and faster.

Tip 2: How to play football on the internet

If you are a fan football and you have a personal computer, it is possible that youfamiliar with the various football simulator.The most popular of them - FIFA allows users to directly through the Internet.
How to play football online
you need
  • - PC;
  • - simulator FIFA
Buy licensed game FIFA.First, you thereby save yourself from the majority of glitches, which are very much in the "pirate" versions, and secondly, you will be able to play on the official server of EA Sports and, thirdly, you can only play with your opponent, which accuratelythe same version of FIFA.And if you have two different "pirate" version of this game, is unlikely to get to play.So, do not skimp on the license for the game FIFA.
Connect unlimited internet.If the possibilities of your Internet will be restricted, it is unlikely you will be able to fully enjoy the game, as one eats a lot of match megabyte.Also make sure that the speed of the Internet will allow to play games on the network.Desirably, it exceeded 512 kbit / s.The minimum permissible speed is 256 kbit / s.Ne sure to check that the firewall allows the game FIFA go online.
Activate your disk.In the main menu, select the "Play on a network."Next you'll be prompted to enter the code of the 20 characters.If the version licensed, not piracy, the code will be inside the disc.After activation key you will be prompted to register.Enter your username, password and email address.After the operation carried out in the "Game Modes" choose "Game Modes via Internet" .Prosche just play "Quick ranked match.", Go to the match and choose the club for which you wish to play.If you do not select a club, you will play for the team behind you by default (the team that you chose during registration).Next can find an opponent - his country's rating, the number of victories, defeats and nichih.Nazhimaete on the "ready to play" and the successful match you!
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