success in the performance of the team in the competition to vote on the number of points.Also, depending on the points ranked team in the ranking.As a result of each game the team gets a certain number according to the rules of FIFA.Recent changes in the rules were introduced after the 2006 World Cup.
For each game played by the team could theoretically get from 0 to 2400 rating points.The maximum number of points - 2400 - the team can get, as a European team for a victory over the other European team - the leader of the ranking.Minimum number - 0 - charged for the defeat.Next after zero minimum number of points - 43.
In addition, you can evaluate the success of the team on the number of points in the match.They are awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for a win as a result of a penalty, 1 point for a loss on penalties.For the defeat of points will be awarded.
Pay attention to another important factor - the coefficient of the importance of the match.This parameter is able to significantly increase the number of points scored by the team behind the game.Thus, in the qualifying round of the continental championship and World Cup points is increased by 2.5 times, with the final matches of the continental championship and the FIFA Confederations Cup - 3 times for the World Cup finals - in 4 times.
next important parameter in the ranking - the coefficient of the opponent's strength.It is calculated by subtracting ranked contender in the ranking of the number 200 and dividing the result by 100. For the opponent the first place in the ranking of the number of received points is doubled, for the teams, with the 150-th place, and lower the coefficient is 0.5.Thus, a victory over a strong opponent gives more points than a victory over the weak.
Next is a regional factor, introduced because of the differences in the rules in different parts of the world.Himself ratio has a value of 0.85 to 1. If the game is played in teams of one region, used the coefficient corresponding to the region.If competitors from different regions, calculates the average arithmetic rate.The actual values ​​of the coefficients for the regions are calculated on the basis of the performances of regional teams at the world championships.
To enhance the value of recent matches entered factor ago.So, if the game was played more than a year ago, the number of points in this game is reduced by half.If the match was over 2 years ago - three times, if more than 3 years - five times.Points for matches played for more than 4 years ago, are not counted.
As a result, the total number of points obtained by multiplying the points for the match on the coefficients of importance, power and a regional rival.This value is then multiplied by 100 and rounded to the nearest whole number.
In addition, average values ​​are calculated by adding the rating points for all games and dividing by the number of games.These calculations are carried out for each of the 4 previous annual segments with the multiplication results for the coefficients of limitations.Adding the mean values ​​for each segment of the annual produce the final ranking of the football team.