you need
  • - soccer ball;
  • - boots.

Put the ball a short distance behind him, put one foot on top of the rise of the foot ball.Then simply roll it back so that it rolled along your legs.And when the foot and touch the surface of the sharply Oderne leg up.Of course, the first time this element will be difficult to execute, so try to make it more than a dozen times.
«Side magic»

Make the same previous trick, only to put a foot on the ball does not rise, and the edge of the sole at a slight angle.
«Simple lifting»

Pry a little ball with the toe and lift it from the ground, without using hands.It's the easiest way.
«As caviar»

Hold the ball between the legs and the free leg throw a top reference caviar.And make a rig
ht turn at 180 degrees.
«Feint Ronaldinho»

Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart.One foot - on the ball.Katni sharp movement in the direction of the ball pivot foot.After contact ball should soar upwards, as if rolling on the leg received.Continue to roll my foot even when the ball touches the supporting leg.If you do not work out, try to rotate the foot support leg.Or put it up soles.
«Feint Thierry Henry»

do now corona trick of the famous French footballer.Put your right foot on the ball.Step forward with the left foot.Roll the ball parallel to the left, right after the ball hit the heel of his right foot.If you do this rapidly, but smoothly, then the ball when it hits the heel rises up around knee level.At this very moment, wreck his heel up.If done correctly, the ball will fly over his head.

Make unique scissors, putting the ball between two feet.Sharp decline of his movement on the back foot and give rapid movement.This method is very good to perform on the ice when the ball very slippery.