you need
  • - heavy athletics belt;
  • - gloves powerlifting;
  • - bandages;
  • - one or two companions;
  • - Rod;
  • - Gymnastic bench.
Determine your one-time maximum power.It is a measure of the maximum weight that you can push on the chest once.Before this good warm up and do two or three warm-up approach, with full amplitude.Rest between sets for 2-3 minutes.
Set the bar close to the maximum weight and do as many climbs as you can.The latter should be completely by force.Calculate your one-time maximum strength formula Bzhezi
tskogo (operating weight) / (1.0278 - (0.0278 * number of repetitions)) = one-time maximum power.
Combine a one-time rise high with the usual training set.When lifting the maximum weight of the work included the greatest number of muscle fibers, but you can hardly lift it 8-10 times, so that the muscles began to grow.Fortunately, after the lifting of the maximum muscle does not turn off, on the contrary, they are preparing for a second wave of the load.Therefore, raising the bar with a maximum weight, rest for 3-5 minutes and do 8-10 repetitions with the usual weight.You feel that you can raise a lot more.Perform a one-time job with maximum power at least once a week.
addition, there are exercises that improve the technique of the lift from the breast, and hence increase its effectiveness.It is negative and partial repetition.
Lie on a gymnastic bench.Set the weight of the barbell, your one-time superior to the maximum power.Stange position on the racks near the bench.Hold your breath and gently lower the shell to the chest.This should take 8-12 seconds.Movement should be very smooth.Once the neck touches the chest, your helpers should quickly raise the bar once and return it to the rack.Do not help them.Perform the descent of the projectile as long as you can control the Vulture.
partial repetition designed to work out the technique at some point of the movement of the bar.Lie on a gymnastic bench.At the bar, set the weight close to your one-time maximum.Remove the bar from the racks and perform partial lowering of the projectile.The amplitude of motion of the neck should not be more than 15-25 cm. If you have difficulty with movement of the rod in the bottom of the lift, follow the partial repetition near the chest.
including partial repetition in its usual training program.The first week of work with a weight close to the maximum, the second week in place more weight 15-20 kg.The third week is not worth working with weights.Do only stretching.During this period, the muscles and ligaments will be restored, because they have been a shock load, which caused a huge amount of microtrauma.During the rest of your body will heal these gaps and build a new fiber that will help to increase strength.