you need
  • - medical certificate of health;
  • - sports uniform (shirt, shorts, socks, pads, shoes for rooms with smooth soles, if necessary - Goalkeeper's jersey, pants and gloves);
  • - mini-football (№4).
Deciding to become a mini-player, begin to prepare for the game in the audience in advance.Determine what role do you intend to show themselves.There is a big difference between training fielder (four of them on the ground, without a hard division like in the big football on the attackers and defenders) and goalk
Check the condition of his health in the district hospital or in medical and sports clinic.By training only proceed in the absence of medical contraindications.They may become unstable cervical spine, flat feet, head injuries, cardiovascular and mental diseases, myopia, and some others.
Learn the rules of the game in the hall, very different from football in the street.Take a run, including backwards, doing stretching exercises and plasticity of movements.Learn to breathe properly in the absence of sufficient oxygen, develops endurance and "side" vision.
Become a fan of mini-soccer team in your city or in the country.Watch carefully in the gym and on the video to see how you need, without lowering the head, handle, hit or beat the ball, making it the exact transmission beat the opponent in one another, play the standard provisions - outs, penalties and corner kicks.
follow the game of the best masters of Russian futsal as a Russian mini-football is officially called in the world.First of all, the speakers in the Russian championship mini-football players from Brazil and Portugal.Learn from their experience on the site.Do not confuse futsal football in the halls, they are different sports.
increasingly playing an ordinary football.Especially with fewer fielders - 5x5, 6x6 and so on.This will give the opportunity to gain practical skills and futsal - in the art of possession, conducting regular martial arts shot on goal reduced dimensions, draw outs feet.
mastered the basics of the game and prepare physically join a mini-football section or children and youth school.As a rule, all of its coaches themselves have played in the national championship and have extensive experience and knowledge.Purchase, following consultations with experts, form a field player or goalkeeper, knitting shoes without spikes, ball size reduction (№4).